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Matthew Allen - Co-Founder

Born in Orange County, California, Matthew has always had the drive to become involved in the film industry. He entered USC in the Film Production Program, but switched majors to Law, History, and Culture in 2015. He co-created Downbeat Entertainment in 2016 and continues to make content outside of school.
His expertise lies in post-production. Skilled in various editing programs, color-correction software, and sound design, Matt encompasses the entirety of the post-production stage of creating a film. Through Downbeat Entertainment, he has also developed skills in producing/pre-production and recently began his directing career through writing and directing the film "Sunday Morning".

Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua is a first-gen writer, filmmaker, and actress.  Anngelica-Marie’s work focuses on women of color that dismantle everyday prejudiced systems as they reinvent their identities. Downbeat's latest film The Broken Key written, co-directed, and produced by Anngelica-Marie won the Finos Film Pitching Award at The Drama Short Film Festival, a European Film Award qualifier. Going forward, Anngelica aims to write and produce content about the intricacies, humor, and connectivity that make up overlooked communities and relationships. You can check out her work at

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